Hello there fellow traveler

My name is Bo Bramwell. I am a professional artist and illustrator based out of Phoenix, AZ working in pen and ink, watercolor, woodburning, and digital mediums. I have been honing in on my craft since I was twelve years old. At the age of fifteen I knew it was my calling, but finding myself as a man and as an artist did not come without effort.

At the age of 19, I decided to follow the path of my ancestors and serve a Mormon mission. I learned many wonderful lessons during those two years, however, I felt incredibly disconnected from my true self. I came home in a crippling depression and was bed-ridden for 6 months, unable to function, ignoring my issues, and I dove into drug addiction. Fast forward a few years and a few nervous breakdowns and I found himself in a park at 2am with a knife in my hand. I had given up completely. In the middle of a suicide attempt, I made the decision to live. 

Having been homeless, I had exhausted my options and had nowhere to go. A homeless shelter called Phoenix Rescue Mission took me in for 9 months. There, I learned to love others and myself, to accept and face my darkness, and leave a spiritually reborn man. I now have a deep love and compassion for the broken and downtrodden of the world and seek to reach those in darkness through my art so that others may come into their own light, find their purpose, and heal as I did. 

I am deeply inspired by artists such as Van Gogh, Albrecht Dürer, Salvador Dalí, M.C. Escher, Richey Beckett, and many many others.

Having studied many esoteric and spiritual paths, I seek to unify all walks of like through my art. I specialize in telling “Soul Stories”, using subconscious symbolism to tell the stories of my clients lives. This idea was gifted to me, by the universe, at the age of 21.

Having worked for client’s such as Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Atmosphere, TALK, ATLiens, and various others, I am lucky enough to be living my childhood dream of creating meaning as a full-time occupation.

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