Hello there fellow traveler.
My name is Bo Bramwell. I am a professional artist/illustrator based out of Phoenix, AZ. I am highly influenced by my own internal world, as well as my deep love for mythology, psychology, and philosophy. Having worked for client’s such as Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Atmosphere, and various others, I am lucky enough to be living my childhood dream of creating meaning for rad bands, brands, and people.

I excel in story-telling through my art. I am able to combine my knowledge of psychology, mythology, spirituality, and symbolism to tell the story of a person, a band, or a brand. I call these inward, ink-laden journeys “Soul Stories” and I believe they are what I am meant to do as an artist.

Feel free to peruse my shop. But be careful. You may get transported to another dimension if you look too long. Hehe.
Thanks for being here.

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