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Illustration By Bo

“DRAWING FROM THE SOUL” 7 week, Pen and Ink Illustration Course

“DRAWING FROM THE SOUL” 7 week, Pen and Ink Illustration Course

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Ever wanted personal art lessons from me?


What would it mean to you to be able to put what’s in your head on paper?


Well I’ve developed an art course for all skill levels that can do just that.


With my course, you’ll recieve…


—A workbook to go through week by week.


-Greater access to the flow state when you want, and coaching on how to stay there.


-You’ll have a finished piece you can hang on your wall.


-One on one coaching with me


-A better understanding and deeper connection with your own self/internal world


-Better understanding of composition


-How to create art with intuition and develop your own style


We will meet once a week on a group call for 7 weeks, where I will have a weekly presentation on a certain topic pertaining to pen and ink illustration. You will be able to ask questions about my process, technique, materials used, as well as participate in exercises alongside me. 


-In the final week, you will have an hour to speak with me one on one with any questions, concerns, or tips you need to better yourself and your art.


-The course starts Saturday Apr. 6th and will continue through til the end of May.


-Each session will last 2-3 hours


Each week there will be a specific pillar we go over.




  • Materials/Philosophy
  • Technique/Application
  • Light Source/Contrast
  • Composition/Process
  • Flow Coaching w Michael Muscatello
  • How to capture nature with a pen
  • Group drawing session/Q & A


If you have any interest, comments, or concerns about the course, don’t hesitate to email me with the contact form here on my website. 

Once you have purchased the course, an email will be sent to you within 48 hours. It will tell you how to best prepare for the course mentally, and will let you know what materials you will need to buy to begin the course. 

The course will no longer be available after April 1st. 

Thank you for your interest. I can’t wait to grow alongside you! 


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