Putting Souls On Paper.

Do you want your story to be remembered? Do you wish to understand yourself and your own soul at a deeper level? I am a visionary illustrator who creates custom, one of a kind pieces that tell the stories of people’s lives. I use my vast knowledge of ancient esoteric spirituality, jungian psychology, archetype, and lived experience to collaborate with you on your very own illustrated Soul Story.

Through a very underground technique called “automatic drawing”, I draw whatever comes to me in the moment while still keeping the intention of your story in mind.

Between chaos and order, magic happens.

If you’d like to have your story told through my eyes and hands, please click the button below or fill out the form a few sections down.

We will sit down and discuss your life story in detail. The triumphs, failures, and emotions involved in your journey.

I come up with the symbolism while creating your custom piece. You will be sent updates as the process unfolds so we can collaborate on your piece together.

Once you have your own soul story hanging on your wall, you will see yourself in a new light everyday. A family heirloom to be passed down so your story is remembered.

Let’s create your Soul Story.

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